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[Provinces] manager

Location: National

Salary: Negotiable

Contact: Wang 021-60443162

Resume delivery:

Job Responsibilities:

1, the implementation of the company's sales strategy, the company completed sales tasks indicators;

2, responsible for the province's distribution channel management;

3, to help agents move is completed, the bidding;

4, responsible for the area of customer development and maintenance;

5, responsible for the collection and analysis of information on competitors' market area;

6, and implementing marketing and sales strategies, academic activities with the company and sales activities;

7, responsible for the area class dealers and director of product knowledge and equipment operation training;

8, customers and sales agents to establish a terminal client files;

9. Report on the progress of work on a regular basis to the company submitting the relevant report;

10, higher authorities of the corresponding work.


1, medicine, business management, marketing and other related college degree or above;

2, good health and able to adapt to frequent business trips;

3, more than three-year market, channel, or relevant work experience in business management, vertebroplasty, orthopedic product sales channels or experience is preferred;

4, familiar with the product knowledge, channel flow, business negotiation skills and market operation;

5, with a strong logical thinking, judgment and decision-making ability, and having good business negotiation, customer communication;

6, has an excellent sense of customer service, strong independent business development capabilities;

7, positive, cheerful, patient, strong sense of responsibility, courage to accept the challenge, self-reliance and strong;

8, corporate identity management culture, the company is willing to common development of insight.


[Process Engineer (PE)]

Location: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

Salary: Negotiable

Contact: Ms. Lin 0760-88790050

Resume delivery:

Job Responsibilities:

1, responsible for fixture design, commissioning and guiding production applications;

2, responsible for feasibility assessment of new samples, check samples;

3, responsible for the production of relevant documents and continuous improvement process technology field;

4, responsible for directing the scene Dominant exception analysis process, continue to improve product quality;


1, machinery, molds automation equipment and related professional, college degree or above;

2, can be used PROE / AutoCAD and office software;

3 years on-site guidance and fixture design experience;

4, practical work, rigorous, meticulous, responsible, clear thinking, good communication skills;


[Leader] assembly

Location: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

Salary: Negotiable

Contact: Ms. Lin 0760-88790050

Resume delivery:

Job Responsibilities:

1, the organization responsible for production scheduling product, according to the requirements of flight orderly completion of the production;

2, responsible for the production of the batch record fill the archives;

3, responsible for the production of sterile employee awareness, awareness of the quality of training;

4, responsible for the daily maintenance and clean workshop management;


1, college degree or above, administrative professional;

2, more than three years experience, head assembly;

3, sterile medical equipment factories, clean workshop experience is preferred;

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